Our company, which was established in 1978 under the name of KELEŞOĞLU, started manufacturing BARIS ASANSOR spare parts in 1999.

Following the developing technolgy, it increased its production under the name BAR-AS as CE certificate and brands in 2006 in order to provide a quality service in compliance with the standards. It has decided to become a company with its growing and specialized staff day by day, and in 2007 BARIS ASANSOR Ltd. has updated itself.

BARASLIFT name and BAR-AS under the name of our company structure to work in accordance with international plans after introducing into Turkey in 2019 FRENO ASANSOR  taking to become a pioneer in the BAR-AS brands in the industry, we have set ourselves targets.


To provide quality, safe and international product, customer satisfaction and trust.

To develop new product designs in line with user needs with high-tech machines.

To be leader and pioneer in Turkey, to increase the effective and market share in international markets.


Be an exemplary company in the elevator industry and BARIS ASANSOR allowing the integration of the brand with quality service has become a leading company in Turkey and Europe.


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